MAMA Academy has launched #stillBORN, a national campaign to share the stories of parents and their stillborn babies. The campaign aims to break the taboo of baby loss so that parents of stillborn babies have a voice to share their baby’s story so that lessons can be learned for future maternity care.

The campaign will also:

  • highlight key pregnancy information to help mothers have a safer pregnancy
  • promote the resources and programmes readily available to trusts to help them reduce stillbirth in their local area
  • highlight positive stories of survival, so that good as well as bad decisions can be learnt from

More information about the campaign is available on the MAMA Academy Website

Comment: Stop Still strongly supports this important campaign. MAMA Academy’s CEO, Heidi Eldridge, described it perfectly when launching the campaign: “The heartache of losing a child cannot be described as the grief stays with you forever. Every stillbirth matters as every baby still has a story. The majority of stillbirths are potentially preventable so it’s vital that all trusts carry out an independent investigation to learn from potential lessons which may help to prevent a similar tragedy occurring in the future.”

The absence of robust, independent investigations for stillbirths means that too often, mistakes are repeated. Sadly, this happens both at local and national level, where there is no mechanism for sharing lessons learned across the health system. It is often only due to brave bereaved parents raising their voices, in the midst of unimaginable grief, that prevent the same tragedy happening to another family.