You can make a difference

Bereaved parent? Take action

Not all stillbirths are avoidable, but sadly independent enquiries have confirmed that a significant proportion of deaths could have been prevented.

If you are concerned that the care your baby received may not have been up to standard, please consider taking action to prevent it happening to someone else.

Fund vital medical research

Stillbirth is a hugely underfunded area of medical research and has some unique challenges. But the UK has world experts that are working to change practices and save babies lives.

There are a number of great charities on the research page. Stop Still supports Tommy’s due to their dedicated stillbirth research centre in Manchester.

Online petitions

There are a number of important online petitions covering the various problems with antenatal care in the UK. Please give them your suppport.

Join the campaign

There are lots of ways to get involved in campaigning to reduce stillbirth – here are some ideas and existing initiatives to get involved in.