Stop Still is about saving babies lives through eliminating preventable stillbirths in the UK.

The approach

  • Connector.

    Cut through the taboo with direct messages

    The evidence for action is already there – we can start saving lives TODAY. There is nothing palatable or acceptable about babies dying, and the taboo needs to be broken.

  • Connector.

    Encourage bereaved parents to find their voice

    Every year thousands of parents experience the unspeakable tragedy of stillbirth. They universally share the desire to prevent it happening to someone else, and many are actively campaigning or fighting for justice for their babies. In time, this campaign hopes to bring them closer together and amplify their powerful message.

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    Hold the bodies responsible to account

    The continuing stillbirth crisis is the result of a lack of leadership and direction from politicians and healthcare professionals. This campaign is independent of government, professional bodies, healthcare providers and mainstream charities and intends to rigorously hold them to account.

Stop Still is privately funded to maintain independence, and does not accept donations. (Should you wish to, please consider donating directly to medical research to expand the frontier of preventable stillbirths even further).